Thursday, June 11, 2009

working through the rain!!

hello to all on another rainy spring day in new england-
a perfect day to get to work!!!

since we very recently got a new, super-duper-fantastic, goldendoodle puppy, 
sunny days have been largely been given to excursions and adventures with him 
(how fun is a new puppy!)- instead of to the studio,
 like all of my days were a couple months ago...
but these rainy days, albeit such a drag, 
are making my husband's veggie garden grow like crazy, 
our lawn an amazing shade of green 

the newest work for spring/summer '09 is now available in the leiva etsy shop 
and there is much more to come!

keep checking back here,
subscribe to the leiva blog and my etsy shop feeds 
and always know what's new and happening in the studio!

here's to a rainy, work-filled spring! 
(just joking!- kinda!!)

this is wallee- he's amazing!

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