Tuesday, September 15, 2009


haystsack is all about the stairs!
for the past six months I had been looking forward to taking a jewelry class at Haystack this summer... and it was worth every minute of that wait!!

for five full days at the end of august my classmates and i were wowed, baffled, highly entertained and completely surprised every day by another of Andy Cooperman's super-ingenious ideas for how to capture an object in metal!
Andy is an outstanding craftsman and jeweler from Seattle, WA who came east for an exhilarating (if not a bit exhausting) week this summer to teach us his super-cool techniques in on of the most beautiful places i have ever been lucky enough to spend some days in summertime, deer isle, maine.
happily for all of us, our class got along swimmingly and we all (to my mind) created something new, unexpected, and fun with the bevy of skills we learned in those short days.
as for me, my head is still swimming, full of all the possibilities he offered us to creatively capture just about anything we want in our beloved medium, metal.

thanks so much to Andy and all of my class members for a truly fantastic week!
it was totally worth the price of admission! ; )

the deck and dining hall and the view from the bottom of the stairs

this is not a great photo of a great ring i made- homage to andy
i'm so excited about spin setting!!!
click here to see my entire haystack album on flickr!

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